Useful where primary objective is test checking it reads responses from Answer Sheets, applies evaluation logic and marking scheme etc. to provide merit lists, analysis etc.

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Let's talk about OMRSoft©

favored through over thousands experts spread across the countries.
We were presenting OMR answers to a wide customer base comprising numerous businesses of the public zone consisting of the defence sector and to many high-ranking institutions, universities, and various education class manufacturers. Our solutions are used for the assessment of IIT JEE, that is taken into consideration because the maximum seriously comparing engineering entrance exam.

100% Accuracy

The Advanced error detection mechanism that is the main part of the OMR Soft© ( OMR software ), is very efficient and guarantees 100% accuracy.


ShabdInfotech OMR software answers, clubbed with a ordinary ADF scanner and an inkjet printer is priced at simply 10% of the whole fee of an OMR scanning system. Depreciation prices and prices incurred due to put on and tear of the OMR scanner are curbed with the software of the OMR software solution


Running the software program is quite simple, even for first-time users. A person-friendly interface permits for attaining maximum analyzing and sheet processing speeds.

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